Localization means that complex and most sophisticated translation form which is not just related to transferring the concept of words of a text, but rather to rewriting the message in another language, taking into account cultural elements and the general mentality of the people who uses the language; localization actually aims to reshaping the text.Όπως είναι φυσικό, ο σκοπός της τοπικοποίησης κάθε γλωσσικού προϊόντος απαιτεί άριστες γλωσσικές δεξιότητες και ειδικές γνώσεις από τον μεταφραστή που θα αναλάβει το έργο για το εκάστοτε πολιτιστικό περιβάλλον-στόχο. Naturally, to serve the purpose of localization for each language product, excellent language skills and expertise of the translator who will undertake the task for each cultural environment-target is a prerequisite.

All Translations Centre, aware of the challenges posed by localisation services, and knowing the increased visibility and extroversion demands of businesses, particularly through their websites, undertakes both translation and localisation of your texts with absolute precision and confidentiality, at extremely affordable prices. It is thus ensured that, by adjusting the content of your website to cultural data and the standards and methods of the local market, the information offered is tailored to the language of the target market, which, in the modern world, is a key part of the global strategy for every extrovert company.

Some of our specialisation areas in the field of localisation include industry, economy, pharmaceuticals, trade, tourism, construction, energy and the environment, investment, health, agriculture, information technology, catering, clothing / footwear, sport and recreation, services and many more.