All Translations Centre operates in all phases of project completion on the basis of the best customer service and having at the heart of its actions procedures established by the ISO standard.

Our goal is to work closely with you and immediately respond to your individual needs and to all your requests. With quick and serious answers, with flexibility and adaptability, with respect to your exact requirements and time constraints, we try to meet every requirement and to resolve every single problem arising, with the ultimate aim of achieving the best result.

Alongside the constant communication with you and always based on your own desires, we take care of the proper management of the project, the appropriate distribution of available resources, the assignment of the project to the most suitable and qualified partner, the proper use of the necessary translation tools, fully respecting terminology requirements and meeting in every phase the prerequisites of our internal quality assurance system.

The translation process always follows a specific and pre-defined path, which is generally divided into three successive stages, preparation of the project, the proper translation part and quality control / approval of the result.

It is particularly important that the completion of each project is followed by a technical, terminological, linguistic, literary and stylistic control, usually from two different proof-readers with further specialisation in the translation of both relative and general literary texts, in order to ensure not only that each concept is correctly reflected based on customer requirements and the specific project needs, but also that all elements of the original version are preserved and that the translation text flows properly and is easy to read.