All Translations Centre specializes in the translation of technical documents and manuals, and cooperates with some of the largest construction companies and joint ventures in the most dynamic export sectors of Greece. By using terminology and translation memories management systems, and with the collaboration of experts in various technical fields and translators specialised in technical jargon, we undertake in a large number of language combinations:

  • Translations of User and Operation Manuals  for Electrical & Electronic Devices
  • Translations of User and Operation Guides for  Household Appliances
  • Translations of User and Operation Guides for  Medical Equipment / Devices
  • Translations of User and Operation Manuals  for  Cars and Bikes
  • Translations of Brochures & Catalogues of Technical Characteristics
  • Translations of Manuals for Machinery Construction
  • Translations of Manuals for Heavy Industry Machinery
  • Translations of Manuals for Agricultural Machinery / Systems
  • Translations of Engineering Studies for various sectors
  • Translations of Agronomic Studies

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