The All Translations Translation Center has the necessary human resources and the necessary infrastructure in order to undertake and handle with complete success and consistency any task assigned to it, regardless of volume and time pressure.

Thanks to the network of specialized and experienced partners, we provide high quality services in various fields in most languages ​​of the world. We thus have the ability to provide accurate and quality translations always within the set time limits, with full respect for the terminology required for each specialized field (eg technical, legal, medical, financial, shipping). In addition, in case of website translation, our company offers the possibility of adapting its content to the cultural data, but also to the standards and methods of the local market, thus providing information adapted to the language of the target market.

One of the biggest advantages thanks to which the All Translations Translation Center has been established in the market is the ability to translate almost all specialized texts by experts in the specific fields. This practically means that the translations of technical documents and manuals are done by experts in various technical fields and translators specialized in technical terminology, the translations of legal documents by lawyers, the translations of medical documents by doctors and so on.

In addition, the use of new technology tools and terminology management systems and translation memories, glossaries that we keep for each client individually, but also other tools, ensures the performance of documents in the right terms, accurately and consistently.

The quality control of each work individually, as well as the continuous evaluation of the performance of our partners are daily practices that are always followed with full respect for the strict procedures set by the ISO standard.

Finally, the All Translations Translation Center provides the possibility of continuous communication on a 24-hour basis with one of its collaborators. This basically means that every customer has the opportunity at any time to be served as much as possible, asking for example for a price offer or information regarding the progress of a project assigned to us.