All Translations Centre undertakes proof-reading on already translated texts in various fields and sectors and for virtually all languages in which it operates. The purpose of proof-reading is both to control texts in literary / syntax terms and to check their contents, to ensure consistency and style uniformity, accuracy of expression, ensure compliance in relation to customer standards and, in general, their response to customer requirements, based on matching the original and translated texts.

This service is carried out by a separate network of specialised proof-readers which consists of more than 150 trustworthy external partners, each of whom has expertise and years of experience in specific sectors, providing high quality services in most world languages. Occasionally, where necessary or specifically requested by the customer, proof-reading is carried out by a native speaker of the target language.

All our partners are graduates of higher education schools, with a high level of knowledge (C2) in the foreign language and a long experience in the sector related to the translation and the object of proof-reading in general. Moreover, they have passed specific, standardised assessment tests, which include, inter alia, a detailed personal interview and proof-reading of an indicative sample. In addition, they continue to be evaluated on a daily basis based on the services provided, to ensure their continued commitment to the objectives and values of All Translations Centre.