All Translations Centre focuses on serving corporate customers, offering prompt service, quick response and eagerness, specialisation, absolute confidentiality and professional secrecy and, above all, quality service, regardless of volume and time pressure.

Thanks to its solid infrastructure, a broad network of excellently trained translators and interpreters, as well as its valuable experience in the field of specialised translations, All Translations Centre cooperates on a consistent basis with renowned public and private institutions and organisations such as national and international institutions, ministries, embassies, consulates, insurance funds and related entities, financial institutions, transport operators, hotels, hospitals, television stations, automobile industries, pharmaceutical companies, multinational corporations, universities and other smaller or larger public or private businesses.

Moreover, many of these bodies have granted to our company certificates of performance as rewards for our professionalism; additionally All Translations Centre is highly regarded by all co-operating companies for its quality, punctuality, speed and professionalism.

All the above, combined with strict adherence to formal internal procedures, are real guarantees of our company both in terms of quality and in terms of compliance with specialised sectoral terminology, even in language pairs that often do not include Greek.